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Menthol Crystal

Menthol Crystal

Detailed Menthol Crystal Description

a) Refined from pure natural menthol, and evaluated as a "Fine 
Quality Product" by Anhui Province in 1984
b) Specifications:
1) Color and appearance: colorless, transparent hexagonal or 
needlelike crystals
2) Odor: natural odor of menthol obtained from mentha avensis oil
3) Melting point: 42 - 44oC
4) Non - volatile matter: 0.05% maximum
5) Solubility: 1g soluble in 5ml of 90% (v / 22) alcohol, clear solution
6) Specific rotation: -49 ~ 50 degrees (20o)
7) Thymol test: negative
8) Litmus paper test: neutral
9) Arsenic content: ≤3ppm
10) Heavy metal content (calculated as ): ≤10ppm
b) Action and indication: widely used in pharmaceutical, 
cigarettes, food, tooth - pastes and cosmetics
c) Storage: stored in closed containers and kept in cool and dry places,
below 33oC, avoid sunshine and rain
d) Packing: 25kg / barrel, paper barrel: 40cm () x 50cm ()
e) Quality guarantee term: 12 months (under the conditions of 
fulfilling the requirements of storage and transport, and the packing 
is completed and )
f) Standards: Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2000 edition, the USP - 24, the
BP - 2000 and the FCC edition

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Contact information:

Address: 45 Huangshan Middle Road, Huangshan City, Tunxi District, Anhui Province. China
Company Name: Huangshan Tianmu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Sophia Ye
Fax: 86-559-2513518
Mobile Phone: 86-13063226316
Telephone: 86-559-2513518
Zip: 245000

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