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Cheap Mobile Phone

Cheap Mobile Phone

Detailed Cheap Mobile Phone Description

Product Name: other brands mobile phones

G50	Grade A	GPRS
G51	Grade A	GPRS
GD55	In Silver Housing	GPRS
GD55	In Red Housing	GPRS
GD67	Grade A	GPRS
GD68	Grade A	GPRS
GD70	Grade A	GPRS
GD87	Grade A	GPRS
GD88	Original Brand New	GPRS
GD88	Grade A+	GPRS
GD90	Grade A	GSM
X77	Assembled Brand New	GPRS
X88	Assembled Brand New	GPRS
X300	Assembled Brand New	GPRS
X300	Original Brand New	GPRS

OT 301 	Grade A	GSM
OT 303 	Grade A	GSM
OT3100 	Grade A	GSM
OT311 	Grade A	GSM
OT331 	Grade A	GSM
OT332 	Grade A	GSM
OT332 	Assembled Brand New	GSM
OT511 	Grade A	GSM
OT512 	Grade A	GSM
OT525 	Grade A	GSM
OT701 	Grade A	GSM

3020	Grade A	GSM
3026	Grade A	GSM
920	Grade A	GSM
930	Grade A	GSM
940	Grade A	GSM

Trium	Grade A	GSM

820	Original Brand New	GSM

Products packing:
Full set with handset, battery, charger, manual, color box, etc.

Well - faith free services:
a) Offering tailored specs for the European, 
American, Australian, Arabic and Asian markets.
b) Can add almost all languages in the world according to 
clients' requirements.

We can supply the best quality Cheap Mobile Phone to you. Our price is competitive and we take responsibility to any quality uncertainty.

Contact information:

Address: Block 5, Fumin, Waijing Industrial Park, Guanlan Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, China
Company Name: Well Faith International Industrial Limited
Contact Person: Ms. Fay
Fax: 86-755-82129901
Telephone: 86-755-82129995

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