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Pelletized Activated Carbon

Pelletized Activated Carbon

Detailed Pelletized Activated Carbon Description

Our activated carbon products are made from high - class coal raw materials. 

Activated carbon is an essential product for use in the production of foodstuffs,
pharmaceuticals and chemicals. 

With the properties of both physical and chemical absorption, these products select
and absorb small and macro - molecular matters in the liquid phase. Furthermore, environmental protection, it also has applications in the water
defense and agricultural industries.

a) Black appearance
b) Tasteless and non - toxic
c) Absorbent, with a large specific area (600 -2000m2 / 7)
d) Applications: crocking, deodorization, refining, sterilization, decontamination,
e) Produced through a series of physical and chemical processes,
activation, including carbonization, acid cleaning and washing

25 kg pp bags (Polypropylene )
25 kg valve bags 
500 kg pp bags

We are committed to doing our best for you, and welcome inquiries for Pelletized Activated Carbon.

Contact information:

Address: Rm. 803, Yuanda Center, Wing C, 5 Huizhong () Road, Chaoyang District, Asia Sports Village, Beijing. China
Company Name: Datong HuiBao Activated Carbon Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Ms. Chen Qi
Fax: 86-10-84891515
Telephone: 86-10-84891616
Zip: 100101

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